NFHS #MyReasonWhy Campaign Begins Second Year of Showcasing Value of High School Activity Programs
The NFHS and CIF are beginning the second year of the #MyReasonWhy campaign, which is designed to showcase the tremendous value that high school sports and activities offer to students.
Through real-life examples, #MyReasonWhy has re-affirmed that high school students involved in education-based activity programs demonstrate a higher level of academic performance and set themselves up for successful careers following high school graduation.
In the #MyReasonWhy campaign, the NFHS, CIF and the other state high school associations are working to ensure that education-based programs are available for years to come. The goal of this national campaign is to demonstrate why participation in high school sports has increased every year for the past 28 years, and why participation in school-based sports and activities provide students the best opportunities for success.
The #MyReasonWhy campaign has a fresh look this year and is making it even easier for students and others to share why sports and activities are important to them. Using the #MyReasonWhy hashtag and by visiting the website, the NFHS anticipates a surge in stories from students across the country who are eager to share they experiences.
“California high schools boast over 1.8 million students and this past school year more than 800,000 students participated in education-based athletics in California,” said CIF Executive Director Roger L. Blake. “We must embrace that education-based sports are enhancing students’ lives, and ours, in ways that few other activities could. We look forward to hearing your reason why.”