Click here to open up the flyer:

  • Teen must book an appointment online (starting March 1)
  • There are several locations – choose the location first from the drop down menu. Then choose a date and time.
  • Each teen will receive a free prom dress and one accessory
  • Teen must be enrolled in high school and bring a valid ID (exceptions are Friends of Scott)
  • Teen may bring one female guest to help you shop
  • Both teen and guest must complete and submit a waiver online
  • The Horton Plaza location is on level 3 (pineapple) of the mall between the old Nordstrom’s and The Perfume Gallery.
  • Closest parking level is pineapple. Please remember where you parked, the mall can be tricky.
  • Parking at Horton Plaza is free for 1 hour; the second hour is $8.00 or $2.00 per 15 minutes. There are bus and trolley lines nearby.  We estimate about 1 1/2 to 2 hours per appointment. Each teen will check in, and have about 45 min to shop, choose an accessory, and check out.
  • Please be prepared to check all bags and cell phones. That way everyone can focus on choosing a dress!

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